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Frank's Time - Jonathan Schulman, Marcus Haugen

New York Knicks

It looks like Frank Ntilikina may once again ride the pine in favor of scrubs. Scrubs like Payton, DSJ, Alec Burks, and Austin Rivers. But it is always darkest just before the dawn. Jonathan Schulman of The Strickland joins the pod to explain why we are at the dawn of The Age of Ntilikina. This is the year that Frank takes what is rightfully his! The days of being dicked around by ungrateful coaches is over! Then, a real life jazz cat who happens to be nicknamed “Franky Smokes” lays down some hot licks. All this and more, this week on Larry!

Jonathan Schulman - @aighttho | The Strickland
Marcus Haugen - Twitter | Instagram

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