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Portland Trail Blazers - Dame Is More Dangerous Than Jai Alai - Tara Bowen-Biggs, Shawn Wickens, Burt Carlson

Portland Trail Blazers

Tara Bowen-Biggs of We Have A Take and The Stepback Sisterhood Podcast talks Damian Lillard’s awesomeness, the Portland Trail Blazers’ trade deadline needs, and Blazers jerseys. Shawn Wickens of the Stoner Morning Show talks Jai Alai in Underdog Sports. Burt Carlson debuts This Date in Sports History, giving us a lesson about the first heavyweight boxer. Burt’s got a gripe with one of the pugilists from that era. All that and more, this week on Larry!

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Burt Carlson - @ICONTROLGRAVITY | @burtdamncarlson

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