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Talkin' Sumo - Summer Basho Preview - Dan Hanf, Burt Carlson

April 30, 2021

Sumo Wrestling

Dan Hanf is a Sumo Wrestling fanatic! The May Summer Basho is coming up, and Dan gives us the lowdown. We’re talkin’ Rikishis, We’re talkin’ Yokozunas, we’re talkin’ Hakuhō (the G.O.A.T.), we’re talkin’ Kakuryū, we’re talkin’ Terunofuji, we’re talkin’ Chankonabe, we’re talkin’ Mawashi. Basically, we’re Talkin’ Sumo! Then, Burt Carlson comes on for “This Date in Sports History”, to tell us about the time Lindsey Nelson journeyed to the top of the Astrodome, and why he still owes Burt 3 pairs of pants. All that and more, this week on Larry!

Dan Hanf’s Talkin’ Sumo

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Burt Carlson - @ICONTROLGRAVITY | @burtdamncarlson | Instagram

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