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Fistball's Revenge! - Fistball Federation Australia, Shawn Wickens

Fistball Federation Australia

Chris “Super Mario” Milne and Malcolm “Mr. Fister” Donnellon, members of the Fistball Federation of Australia, and hosts of The Fist, The Whole Fist And Nothing But The Fist, So Help Me Pod - The Fistball Australia Podcast (TFTWFANBTFSHMPTFAP), heard Shawn slander the game during Underdog Sports. This aggresion will not stand! They’ve kindly agreed to come on the pod and set us straight. What is Fistball really about? What’s the strategy? Who are the best teams? All that and more, this week on Larry!

Fistball Federation of Australia - Instagram | Podcast
Shawn Wickens - Twitter | Instagram | Stoner Morning Show

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