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Sumo - Borscht and Bashos - Dan Hanf, Steve Capps

Sumo Wrestling

The November Basho is upon us. Terunofuji is the obvious favorite, but he’s got a target on his back. Dr. Dimension AKA Danny Bonanza AKA The Sekiwake of Soul, Dan Hanf, joins Larry to discuss the other rikishi and who’s got a shot at taking down the Yokozuna. Then, fan favorite, Burt Carlson joins the show to spit some history. He’s talking the about the history of sumo. He’s telling us about Cleveland Browns great, Don Paul. All that and more, this week on Larry!

Dan Hanf - YouTube | IG: @danly_steel
Steve Capps - @ICONTROLGRAVITY | @burtdamncarlson | IG: @stevecrapps

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