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The 2022 Curling World Championships - Alan "Ocho" Goldberg, Shawn Wickens

Sweden Curling

Alan “Ocho” Goldberg is reporting to us live from the 2022 Men’s Curling World Championships in Las Vegas. That’s right. Curling is not just some strange phenomenon in the olympics. It’s a strange phenomenon with world championship tournaments every single year! Ocho is on the scene, and Larry and curling superfan, Shawn Wickens, are here to soak up all of his knowledge and expertise. What’s the format of this championship? Who are the powerhouse teams? Who’s the GOAT of curling? What type of snacks are available? All that and more, this week on Larry!

Shawn Wickens - @shwickens | IG: @shwickens
Alan “Ocho” Goldberg - @OchoSports | IG: @ocho8sports

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