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Mavs Retro, Kings Trade, NBA Finals, NHL Playoffs - Jon Blue, Marcus Haugen, Frankie Dip

Dallas Mavericks

We’ve got a lot of NBA Playoffs to talk, starting with a Dallas Mavericks retrospective. Who better than Jon Blue and Frank Ntilikina suparfan, Frankie Dip. Is Jalen Brunson on the move to join up with his father in New York, or will he resign with the Mavs? Marcus Haugen comes on briefly to talk about the Sacramento Kings possibly trading their number 4 pick, and then Frankie stuffs him back in an instrument bag. Larry tests the guests on their NHL knowledge, and let’s just say that Frankie and Jon don’t know hockey the way Larry knows hockey. Predictions for the NBA Finals! All that and more, this week on Larry!

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Jon Blue

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