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Brooklyn ShizShow, Knicks, Rockets, Sixers Check-in - Jon Blue and Matt Stephens

Brooklyn Nets

We’re two weeks into the season, and Kyrie has already caused problems. After sharing a vile, anti-semetic video, the Nets have still not fined or suspended him. If that’s not enough, they’ve fired Steve Nash and replaced him with a coach recently suspended for inappropriate relations with a female staffer.

In slightly more upbeat news, Larry feels pretty good about the Knicks. Has he even warmed up to Julius Randle? Jon feels meh about the Rockets. How will Jalen Green and Jabari Smith progress? Matt Stephens feels solid about the Sixers. Will Doc get fired? Is there an offense for Harden and Embiid to both be maximized? How about maximizing Maxey? All that and more, this week on Larry!

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