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Da' Bulls, Da' Knicks, Daaaaaaaa' Rockets - Matthew WJ Mitchell and Jon Blue

Chicago Bulls

After a great start last season, Da’ Bulls of Chicago are back to their losing ways. Matthew WJ Mitchell is feeling the sads as he doesn’t know which way they should go. They owe their 2023 pick to the Orlando Magic (top 4 protected) after going all in for Vooch. Now what? Should they trade DeRozan and Caruso? When’s LaVine going to show up? Meanwhile, the Knicks are on a hot streak! Larry is done rooting for the tank! Has Julius Randle restored his trade value? How ‘bout those Houston Rockets beating some good teams? Is it time to start losing again in the Brick for Vic? All that and more, this week on Larry!

Matthew WJ
Jon Blue

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