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Cavs vs Knicks - Jon Blue and Ethan Scheck

New York Knicks

The playoffs are here! Round 1 has a spicy matchup between Ethan Scheck’s Cleveland Cavaliers and Larry’s New York Knicks.

  • First, Larry rants about how much he hates the Dallas Mavericks and Mark Cuban (1:46)
  • A preview of Cavs vs Knicks. Will Randle play? Is RJ a liability? Will Mitchell ball out? (8:18)
  • Cavs vs Knicks - Who has the better jerseys? (34:22)
  • Back of the envelope All-NBA Teams (50:01)

All that and more, this week on Larry!

Ethan Scheck - @EthanScheck | IG: @ethanscheck
Jon Blue

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